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Works created while studying a BA in Fine Art at Bath Spa University. 


Through a process of deconstruction and constantly asking “why?” I began to consider the process and materials of art as subject matter that could be used to explore the human subject. My works at this time were all made with an appreciation for the accidental and incidental, questioning ideas of taste, meaning and the definition of art when you remove the artwork. Aesthetic intuitive decisions became something to be challenged and pushed to the limits and my work began a direct communication with the definition of ‘Art’. 

The experience and perceptions of the viewer were vital considerations as I stepped firmly into the realm of installation and Derrida’s parergon, a theoretical exploration of the physical and metaphysical framing of artworks, became a solid foundation within my practice. 

In the years since I have come to describe my practice as perceptual. Similar to a conceptual process, in that the idea is the primary focus, but balanced with an embrace of process, attention to materials and aesthetic consideration. 


It is a process that relies upon observation, experimentation and near-obsessive documentation. 


“My practice represents the process of making, and re-presents that process to the viewer.”

(Artists Statement, 2017)

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