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In 2019 I was one of two graduate artists’ in residence at Bath Artists’ Studios, which culminated in the show ‘Paint(In)g’ at the Roper Gallery in Bath. 


During the residency I was able to continue working with ideas germinated and discovered during my MA and solidify the space where my practice resides. I worked, theoretically and physically, with four idioms that encapsulate my practice;


The Functional Object in Painting.

The Re-Presentation of Artefact.

The (Re)Signification of Value.

The Dialogue in Space.


“The idea of object as both representation of self and self in its own right is what i have been theoretically obsessed with during the residency. A human-adjacent self, never directly knowable but indirectly invoked. A self that can act as a mirror for the human as much as a being in its own right.”


“Here I present the study of painting as subject, object, and most importantly metaphor, which has the potential to access a connection with painting that goes beyond its use as medium, commodity, and object.”

Excerpts from an artists talk accompanying the ‘Paint(In)g’ exhibition in 2019


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