Artists Statement

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I am a conceptual painter and installation artist working with a subversion of organised activity exploring a narrative that questions perceptions of art. What tells us something is a piece of ‘Art’? The process, materials, artist, viewer, experience or effect? My practice explores these questions with a combination of found objects, manipulated semiotics, and painterly language. Paying homage to the composite art form, with a rigorous examination, and critique of the the modern condition.

Juxtaposing intentional composition with incidental form equalises traditional hierarchies of art and allows new assumptions to take form. While presenting the ‘everyday’ in art, creates a complexly minimal presentation of objects, depicting sequences of actions that echo the relationship between painting and performance.

Many of the base materials derive from the creation of other artworks, with other authors. Utilising the ‘useless’, diverting their purpose, allows the materials to exceed and reject their definition, while extending their potentiality. Objects and assemblages combine objective observations of art with its raw materials; a natural narrative that hovers between the unexpressed but intended and the unintentionally expressed.

Objects and artworks are placed to create works that combine installation, sculpture, performance and painting. A sense of presence is important in the subject of the work and the experience of the viewer, who can step a real space, thereby allowing the disembodied viewer to become the embodied viewer, a collaboration that extends from the production of the work to the viewing of it.

The questions and implications of these subjects explore seeing not as a passive activity at but an active process of perception. Nominating combinations of studio and gallery as work itself, my practice represents the process of making and re-presents that process to the viewer, these works embody an organised reliance on the interior and exterior of the ‘Artworld’.