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Welcome. This blog is a place to share research, reflective thinking, and theoretical inspiration.

All writing and images contained are property of this website. All quotes and images used will be properly acknowledged. Please link back if content is used elsewhere.

Below the posts can be viewed by three distinct types, by tags, through a chronological list of posts (found at the bottom of the page) or searched using the search bar. 

Research Methodologies

These posts are about the research of research, containing terminology and my notes and thoughts from lectures and research inspired by them.

Includes ; reflective posts - reflections on my practice (both research and studio). It's worth noting that while they are based in theory the word ‘I’ appears often.


These are summaries of the information I've been researching, in areas around my practice.

Includes theories, artists and exhibitions. 

Also includes studio research (here used as another term for studio practice).


These notes are honest, created in the moment, and often relate to the research I'm thinking about at the time or as a result of studio practice.

These posts are generally unreferenced, as they mostly occur while in the studio, driving, falling asleep or otherwise undertaking daily life.

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