Focusing on the materials and actions in the process of art, these works all share a similar foundation – canvas; one of the most traditional, everyday, materials in a painters’ studio.

Using canvas in alternative ways, diverts its purpose and questions its function in Art.




Piles and forms

Piling or shaping the canvas challenges both our reading of painting and notions of value in painting.  

An ongoing performative collection, 'The Pile' changes daily and is part of an upcoming performance.

By exposing the canvas to a non-permanent form we question its value as an object.

Performance without the artist.


Fringing images

Physically deconstructing the canvas transforms it to a state that both references and rejects its creation. Kept from returning to it's useful state, and stopped from it's intended use as a painting surface, the canvas questions what, and why, it is.


Cube and tubes

Wrapping canvas around anything that is not a stretcher challenges Greenberg’s theory of flatness counterpointing the chance surface that invokes abstract expressionism.

Each use, or misuse, of canvas invokes a different conversation about the same subject.