The frame is a recurring element in this project. Inspired by Derrida's essay, The Truth in Painting, in which he wrote about the frame. Coining the term parergon, to explain why when looking at the work the frame is part of the wall, and yet when looking at the wall it is part of the work.  

Refused by each to be considered as part of themselves the frame exists between the two, as a separate entity.

Derrida said about the parergon, “neither inside nor outside, neither above nor below, it disconcerts any opposition but does not remain indeterminate and it gives rise to the work.”  The function of the parergon, then, is to create a framework that contextualises (and recontextualises) what is being framed.

The parergon is both a literal framing or placement and a metaphysical concept that denotes context.

This interrelation between external and internal can be represented as the division between artwork and space of display, as explored through installation.

The frame is an important element in traditional painting, and arguably any digitally recorded art form. A frame is many things, and none of them are ‘Art’.

Or all of them are.