The Gainsborough Bath Spa Commission (2016)


I was selected to create a commission for The Gainsborough Bath Spa. A five star hotel, The Gainsborough prides itself on its rich history and mineral spa. The works were created for a connecting corridor inside the hotel, between spa and suite.

Inspired by the natural beauty of The Gainsborough building and spa, these paintings use water from the mineral spa mixed with the paint, to create colourful forms that celebrate the beauty of the organic waters.  

Each panel is created using three opposing paints; acrylic, oil and watercolour.  The interactions between materials that traditionally should not be used together mimic the natural minerals found in the spa waters, forming different combinations and areas of beauty.

The tonal and undulated effects are inspired by the waters of the spa and atmosphere in the hotel, while the organic forms inspire a calming visual aesthetic, which combine to work with the spa experience. 

Final Photos

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Installation Day