I am a conceptually representational painter and installation artist, working within a narrative that questions perceptions of art and the conditions of painting. Exploring a perceptual process through a combination of found objects, manipulated semiotics and painterly language the works aim to question our perceptions of the things we are looking at, and the ways we are looking at them.

Examining the functional object in painting.
(Re)signifying value.
Invoking the dialogue within space.
Re-presenting artefact.

I am an object-oriented practitioner with a perceptual approach. My practice represents the process of making, and re-presents that process to the viewer; beginning new conversations between materials, viewer and space.

Current work

Current Work

An exploration of the space between.

Image and object, incident and intent, audience and artwork, definition and meaning, art and philosophy.

An Ecosystem of Painting



An exploration exploring an object based practice within the periphery of painting. 

The functional object in painting.
The re-presentation of artefact.
The (re)signification of value.
The dialogue in space.

Through Presence and Process



An exploration of incident and accident, intent and purpose.

A re-presentation of artistic process through the objectification of artistic presence.