Unintended function (2017) ‘found’ canvas, paint skins and chair. Size varies.JPG



Explored in a variety of locations, to better understand the objects themselves, these works are part of a continuing experimentation. Transporting elements of the studio, including time, to the gallery setting, questioning what art is and the process of making.

Exploring my questions and interests in a more expanded field, installation allows the space the pieces are shown in to become the surface, a literal expanded field.

I am drawn to installation for it's experiential qualities.

Not trying to represent something real but be something real.

Forcing the viewer to walk on the canvas, by placing it on the floor in a way that doesn’t allow any alternative, questions the value of the work, the moment of finishing and the way the viewer sees and interacts with the work.

The viewer can step into the real space of the painting, containing everything a painting is, thereby allowing the disembodied viewer to become the embodied viewer, a collaboration that extends from the production of the work to the viewing of it.




Form #1


This installation, which grew through the process of making, can be broken down into a collective of finished pieces, with interconnecting elements of presentation, challenge and process. Where the viewer can see a narrative of actions, incidents and artworks that rely upon and relate to each other.


Form #2