No Working Title (2015 & 17)


I was lucky enough to be picked to take part in ‘no working title’ in 2015 and again in 2017.

The project is a collaborative exchange between four universities around the country.  We were given instructions from, and sent instructions to, an artist we didn't know and had no contact with, until the final reveal day at Tate Modern.

More information about the project, and all the artists involved can be found on their website.



In 2015 I was given written instructions to; "explore your favorite memory using your favorite medium". Having always been a list fanatic I began to attempt to break down what my favorite memory might be. What followed was a series of small boxes, each containing a vital part of my life, and a few digital experiments to turn a personal photograph into an abstract representation of the time.



In 2017 I received a sound piece, titled 'Answer this question'. I thoroughly enjoyed answering it.

I created a small elevated white cube, with a cup of water leaning precariously off the edge, to capture the tension of the original sound clip. To answer the question, I created an audible response. Playing from inside the cube was an edit of the original, distorted to vibrate the water in the cup the sound is barely audible but when quiet echoes the atmosphere of the question.

The whole day was a fascinating exploration of what happens when we relinquish control and submit to instruction. The day was run in such a way that we felt like subjects in an experiment, a feeling I'm glad I was able to experience.