Process portraits


A series of canvases placed on the floor of other artists in the third year BA at Bath Spa to collect the marks and history of process. They represent the process of making and re-present that process, to the viewer.

Each piece is made following a series of self imposed rules, dictating placement, duration, stretching and naming.

Any visual associations in the work are incidental, and yet no less referential. The marks akin to the craftsmen who made Duchamp's Fountain.

To me, these can be seen as objectifications of time.

A record of a period in an artists’ studio, containing a variety of signatures, they are naturally narrative and unintentionally expressive objects.

Portraits of the artists’ process, these are works of collaboration, that directly challenge the notion of the author, by creating a collaborative authorship.

Trapping a sequential narrative of actions, the canvases are treated as raw and stretched ready to paint, and then presented as art.

Each has a unique signature presented using traditional rules captured through a systematic approach.