Research Methodologies - Reflection - How much is too much? / by Ally McGinn

This is a question I've been obsessed with for the last few weeks.

And I'm going to do my best to keep this concise - I have a prolific practice, it is the way I have worked for the last 5 years and repeated attempts to alter this natural process have met with failure (for various reasons).

That is not to say the proclivity hasn't developed, or is in some way detrimental, in fact I think the opposite is true.

I've learnt to focus myself, and deepen the research, and with a developed knowledge base I am better equipped to choose new areas of research and deepen those that arouse more interest.

In many of the reflective texts, I ramble, but I see these as honest portrayals of thought, and they contain insights that I use to further the practice and formulate new ideas.

This blog is already extensive (in word count if not in content) and the list I have planned (which will shorten by increments) adds a fair amount more. However I'm gripped by the platform, I'm enjoying writing, and the fact that I'm creating a repository of searchable information is a brilliant tool for the future.

Am I concerned about the word count here? Based on the module I'm working on, yes.

Am i going to alter it? No. I'm planning to be aware of the issue, and adjust my ways of working to better suit the process, but I doubt there will be a noticeable change. I get caught up with a subject and before I know it I've written 3000 words. At the moment i'm choosing to see this as a positive.


Less than 300 words, I think I deserve a cookie.