Research - Additional note on George Dickie / by Ally McGinn

George Dickie saw art as both evaluative and classificatory. I've been continuing to read Janaway's book 'Reading Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art' which states that Dickie saw the procedural side of art as more important than the functional. The end result isn't what matters when defining something as art, but instead it is the artists nomination and its relation to the 'artworld'.

This seems to be the stance of many theorists and artists, and the idea has been articulated in many forms. It is a stance I follow, and one that is important in the understanding of what my work is and where it sits in wider context.


Janaway, C. (2006) Reading Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art: Selected texts with interactive commentary. Pondicherry: Blackwell Publishing.

found elements on desk (2017) digital photograph

found elements on desk (2017) digital photograph