Note/Thought - Presence / by Ally McGinn

I can think of no better way to describe my practice than as a process of presence. I cannot predict the work, not in detail, I have to be present and interacting with the objects in the space.

Therefore, arguably, if I change the environment I would change the work. This could be an interesting idea for Walcott chapel in Feb. Being in a new environment would involve moving my collected materials (or some of them), so would be the perfect time to do a short, time-limited, experiment with new materials.

I will have to choose a subject and begin collecting materials at home. I look forward to the chance to explore a different subject and the inspiration it may bring into my practice.

Maybe I should work with objects from popular culture? A total antithesis to my work. A revolution of practice (for a week). (It's possible I've been listening to too much Marxist theory).

Back to the main point. Presence is an act in the practice and has become a feature/subject in the work. This dynamic embodies a narrative within the work, especially when seen in installation form. (With the studio element, which needs some refinement in idea and execution. This is what I plan to work on next term, although as already stated: with my practice it is next to impossible to articulate in advance with any degree of accuracy. I can only begin, which always happens with an idea or direction, and then react to what is there.