Note - Artistic materials / by Ally McGinn

Why did I begin using artistic materials?

To draw focus to the art around us. That artistic unintention is as worthy of attention as the intentional. Chance and incident as works of art. That it is the attention that is important.


The process itself. Those materials are evidence of process, the materiality of it. The physical reality of conceptual ideology. The everyday of art.

Recording the action of art. Objectifying the process.

Using the materials expands their potentiality. Reconstructing ideas and materials to form new conversations.

Challenging associations inherent in the objects.

Subverting perceptions through object and manipulation. Those perceptions, associations, and ideas are about art, and therefore I use artistic materials.

I don't feel I've fully explored those perceptions, and the flow with these materials seems more intuitive now, I feel I am speaking a language I understand.