Reflection - Narrative : Conversation : Dialogue / by Ally McGinn


Narrative and conversation are two terms that are true for many if not all artworks, something they have in common with many other terms in this exploration.


For that fact alone they could easily be dismissed from consideration for the focus of my work.

They are likely to be dismissed from the main five, but the reason is not that they are not a concern in my practice.

Narrative, in my practice, is concerned with the relationship between the objects. The narrative that is imposed upon them, although this is often the presentation of a natural narrative.

A natural narrative here being something just that happens as part of artistic process, or more often physics in the case of balancing objects.

Conversation, in my practice, has two alignments. The first is similar to narrative, it is my interest in the relationship and conversation between objects. Which often form the contextual basis of the works.

The other is an interest in the conversation and communication between audience and artwork, artist and artwork and artist and audience. This interaction, and the development of it in my practice, is an ongoing interests, but again informs the practice from the side, rather than being a focus or driving force.


I consider narrative and conversation to be part of the medium used in the creation and context of my work.

The narrative, conversations and dialogues between objects within my artworks are singularly important to their interpretation, and reason for inclusion.
However these words remain too general. I need to find a word that communicates the impetus, i don't know what that word is at the moment.