Welcome back / by Ally McGinn

A short hiatus became a longer distance. 

I tend to work until I am forced to stop, it happened again just after the clock struck twelve on New Years eve. I remain an outpatient in hospital over a month later. A larger hint that I need to slow down is not needed. 

The next module began yesterday. A blog is not a requirement for this module but I have enjoyed the format, far more than I thought I would, and my plans are to keep things going. 
I cannot guarantee the frequency of posts, as the emphasis of this module is somewhat shifted, but welcome back to this blog of context and reflection. 

Step 1 

Analysis and reflection. The first modules are handed in and feedback has been received. This is the perfect opportunity for some reflection and redirection. 

In the final post of the last term (and year) I summarised by aims, objectives, and keywords. With some distance I am able to say that while those articulations were, and in many cases are, accurate the perspective from which they were written was as summary or conception of my practice. The emphasis for the context of this module is on the ways we want to develop our practice, at this time. 

For that purpose I am working on finding five, non-jargon, words that relate to or describe the contextual direction of my practice, at this time (an important distinction because the aim here is not to summarise or justify the practice but to highlight the direction of development). 

I am choosing to focus on areas that I have either come to realise are an underlying contextual factor or those that I feel might contain new perspectives. I plan to step outside my comfort zone, while reserving the right to run straight back if I hate it. 

Im taking my time with the five words because this is a brilliant chance to try to take some critical distance from the work to be able to unpick some of the inherent qualities of my practice. 
My intentions are one thing, but the work is often another. The two are getting closer and closer together but there is something in the way and I suspect that it is something found in the foundation of the enquiry, and not in the detail. 

So for now, this post serves as a reintroduction to the blog, and a summary of where things might be headed. 

In the next week;
* five necessary words and a more than five unnecessary ones. 
* Reflections and other realisations before the work begins in earnest.