Reflections - Value : Commodity : Rubbish : Treasure : Consumption : Objectification : Value of objects : Value of ideas / by Ally McGinn

I've just finished writing the previous reflection ‘Presence : Process : Materiality : Objectification of presence’ and though the writing realised the importance of the term objectification. Objectification inspires almost all of the other terms here. The only possibly exclusions, or weak links, are ‘rubbish’ and ‘treasure’.



I suppose with those words I am really talking about the relationship between them and the transitory potential of the two. Which relates to the value that we place on objects and things. Which in turn comes under the heading of objectification.


In regards to the other terms (Value : Commodity : Consumption : Value of objects : Value of ideas) they all fit under the heading of objectification, and therefore will be written about in a longer consideration. (Stage 2 of this process which will involve a deeper exploration, with new research, of each chosen focus)




This has been the easiest reflection to write. It is at  the heart of my practice and a real focus.

Objectification : Object.