Reflections - Juxtaposition : Contradiction : Relationship : Relational Aesthetics / by Ally McGinn

What i mean by these words is the connection, conversation and dialogue between objects and representations within my works. (and as i write this, one of the final groupings, i am already aware that the term i have chosen for now is ‘dialogue’ but still i write).


Juxtaposition is an important tool in my practice. When placing objects together it is in their connections and contradictions that we find more depth than in single objects.

Those connections and contradictions are forms of relationships.

This can be between objects, but also expands to include the subject/object relationship.

In many ways ‘relationship’ would be the focussed word of this group, as it covers both connection and contradiction.


I’ve noted in another reflection that relational aesthetics is not the term i was looking for. The term has been coined into a specific meaning, one that no longer fits with what i am trying to describe.

Aesthetic dialogue is closer.


These words have been dismissed. Interesting, descriptive and still in use, but dismissed from focus.