Reflections - Potentiality : Provisionality : Temporary Nomination : Interchangeable : Temporary / by Ally McGinn

There are two sides to my studio. The storage space and the ‘sketchbook’ (an area that includes a studio wall, a canvas wall and floor) where i work through ideas with objects.

As ideas shift in the sketchbook they simultaneously shift in the storage space. Items are removed and re-placed.


This temporal reality in the studio has led to an interest in the idea of provisionality itself.

My work presented for the last module had a strong emphasis on potentiality and the interchangeable possibilities of a temporary installation. I believe this was quite successful and it is something i plan to continue.

Temporary art questions the values we place on it, especially when the materials are so everyday. However the possibility of potentiality paradoxically increases the conceptual value of the work, it has the potential to be more than it is.

It is this factor in the temporary that i find to be the most interesting.

Potentiality is far more valuable than the perfected.



This reflection could continue, but for the purposes of this self-imposed task i feel that i should stop here.

Potentiality is an important term, and this grouping is a focus for ongoing consideration.

I look forward to explore representations of potentiality and temporality in the coming months.