Reflections - Conclusion / by Ally McGinn

So almost three weeks after i decided to be systematic in my reflections i have finished. I’ve been writing these as they come up in the studio, and have attempted to keep them brief. The aim has been to find the locus of the work, the driving force and the contextual stance that will serve to make my works more focussed.

I'm glad i have undertaken this process, because the words i have now chosen have been extremely carefully considered.

In the end the words are not alone, because their context can change so much when read alone. I’ve found pairs of words to be far more effective.

These words may change dramatically, the second part of this process is going to be a longer examination of these words, with their specifics.


My second set of words (with a few notes) are;

  • Objectification : Perception
    •          The arbitrary application of value.
  • Representation : Re-presentation
    •          Adding the hyphen completely changes the word. Representation is not a static thing but a transition. The suffix implies an action.
    •          The re-presentation of representation.
  • Material/aesthetic/spatial dialogue
    •          Clarity will come in the next stage.
    •          Between objects and that which is imminent within them.  
  • Function : Potentiality
    •          Honoring the original function of the materials. I.e. paint sheet.
    •          Paint used as painting that would have been discarded.
  • Incident : Artefact
    •          An object with a story, containing a narrative.
    •          Incident in the materials (their incidental nature and function) as well as a process in my practice (the appreciation and examination of the incidental things that happen in the studio; falling, placing due to need, marks made, dust)

These words are my focus for the coming months.


Next step - A more considered reflection of these terms, and finally some research around these terms. The aim within the next 4-6 weeks is to narrow down as far as i can, potentially to one of these terms. (Although it's more likely to become a combination of a few, probably in a sentence.)