Studio Research - Week 7 / by Ally McGinn

A week governed by a growing mound of tissues that has none-the-less been interesting. 

After returning from the shop on Walcott Street, which has arguably opened my eyes somewhat to the presentation of my work, I spent the first two days this week sorting my studio. 

After removing one of the floorboards from the studio, in an attempt to force the work to interact with the space visually and formally, I realised this week that there is a glaring hole in this exploration; marking the wall directly. 

The circle above was produced through dipping a length of unwoven canvas into ink before pushing one end into a screw hole on the wall and pressing the ink coated canvas as far as it can reach. 

I need to do more thinking about this piece when my brain is not full of fever. 

I spent the final part of the week in the wood workshop making a new presentation form, which should be coming through the studio in the next few weeks.