Image Reflections - Introduction / by Ally McGinn

The next stage in my reflection is to write about specific images.


This is not an attempt to define or describe them but a writing task, writing what I feel is important in the works in the moment of reflecting on them.

I am to examine those that work and attempt to unpick recurring threads.

As work continues in the studio this list will get longer.

Some texts will be short and I am to have none above 500 words. This is a short exercise in context and a useful record of the contextual information behind the works.

EDIT (29th March) : through writing these reflections I have come to realise that the descriptions of objects that I tend towards, a retrospective articulation of what they were, is redundant. It is a nostalgic tendency that has hints of validation due to the objects use in artistic practice.

This change in perspective has the potential to be influential.

EDIT - 2nd April : some of these reflections are pointless articulations of information, others have inspired realisations and ideas. It has proved to be a useful exercise.