Image Reflections - 'paINting' / by Ally McGinn


Beginning with the equalisation of objects, this piece became a presentation of an expanded form of still life.


Painting all objects in a uniform grey disguises the primary qualities of the objects. We no longer instantly recognise all of them, there is a momentary pause of investigation.

Their form becomes a focus, the shadows more uniform, their decoding more formal.

A plinth, two rocks, a ball of canvas, the lid of a box of paints, an offcut of wood from a stretcher, the centre of a roll of masking tape, a cardboard tube, a small cube, and an apple. All painted grey. The same grey as the floor.

Presented in front of a canvas wall.

Surrounded by a gaudy gold frame.

The frame leans between plinth and wall. The tube rests against the frame. All objects interact with each other, forming a reliant narrative. A reliance that is ongoing.

Both painting and sculpture, and therefore neither.