Reflection - Organised Activity : Active Perception / by Ally McGinn

Organised Activity : Active Perception


These terms both originate, for me, from an engagement with the book Strange Tools by Alva Noe.

One of the main premises of the book is the definition and understanding of organised activities; of which art is one.

I have gone into more detail about this terminology in other posts. (Found here). The realisation of the prominence of organised activity, and the implications of perceiving activity as such has been an important one in my understanding of the ways we use and interpret art.

Organisation is a fundamental part of my practice, in both object and subject.

It is an influence, a crutch, a distraction, a strategy and a perceptual approach.


Active perception relates to visual engagement beyond the data received.

It is a state, a process and a requirement.

I don't believe it is resigned to the moment, it is an ongoing process. A skill that can be developed.

It is made more vital through its difference to passive perception.

I like my work to engage the audience, to require active perception.



These words are intrinsically related to my practice, not necessarily to the subject or objects of the work.