Studio Research - Week 5 / by Ally McGinn

A week in the studio with a few experimental shifts. Feels like i'm getting closer to that pivotal moment. 

This is a lovely example of the shifting power of process. This piece began as an idea to use the internal space of a canvas as storage/shelving. It became something else.

Exploring the internal space of plinths, the exploration continues.

Imposing emotion onto canvas. This is a 9m long painting (previously my degree show final piece) that has been sat in my studio for a few months. In attempting to make it look like a figure it became a contemplative monk-like character, with a distinctly slumped emotive quality.

This piece changed a few times during the week, as I focussed more on the 'shelf' made to display the army of used paint tubes. A process of redaction is going to become more pronounced in the coming weeks. 

A more considered appreciation for individual artworks seems to be happening. 

Consideration of the combination of intentional and unintentional.

My collection has become more considered and less inclusive. This is an ongoing collection of a nervous habit. I wear knitted clothes and I pick the fluff off them at random moments, it seems to be a new habit but I'm enjoying the aesthetic of this collection.