Reflection - Temperature Check / by Ally McGinn



My studio practice this module has been primarily focussed on the presentation of work, i have spent some time in a shop on Walcott Street, been researching artists who present conceptual and material together, and created works with a more focussed message.

The works have become more succinct and focussed, with a natural shift away from installation within individual works. I predict a return to installation in the move to the new studios at Sion Hill at the end of June.

Reflective writing

This has been an extremely reflective module, beginning with reflections on the terms i use to describe and contextualise my practice. Three levels of reflection have helped to define the focussed words in my practice. This process then led to a series of image reflections, begun to explore the reasons some works ‘work’ and others don't, this has become an exploration of the meaning within my work, helping to realise my main focus.

I’ve just begun ‘object reflections’ exploring the meaning and context of certain objects.

This reflective process has been long, it takes far longer to write a reflective sentence than a descriptive one, but very important. It has helped to focus the context of my work and understand my practitioner position.

I’ve had to attempt to control my obsessive tendencies while writing these reflections, not altogether successfully.


Research has taken time to percolate in this module. With so much time spent on reflection, to direct focus, research has begun later than it would normally. Given that i normally over-contextualise, this is likely to prove to be a good thing in the end.
My research has been focussed around;

  • ‘objects’ with a focus on the philosophical school of Object Oriented Ontology and the correlation between objects,

  • ‘painting’ with a focus on artists who explore the process and boundaries of painting,

  • And researching artists who present concept and material together in works that combine elements of installation, sculpture and painting.


This module has been unsettled, works presented at the end of the last module was more considered than i have previously achieved and i have continued that development through this module. However, this focus in artworks served to show me the open focus in context, which required reflection before i could continue confidently.
The reflection has reached a good point and i am far more confident about my position, at least in writing.

Ive been using a systematic approach, following a pattern of reflection to ensure that areas are not left uncovered.

Through this approach i have been able to analyse, empirically, the frequency of terms used in my practice, as a method for exploring areas of context through measured exploration.

For now i am beginning to pull together theory and objects ready for the end of May (6 weeks today) the next exhibition point. When working with everyday objects, especially those that remain mostly unchanged, the forms of presentation are singularly important. I aim to spend the next 6 weeks exploring presentation methods. The difficulty will be in controlling the process, and not following other avenues too much. A balance must be found between the development of new ideas and the refinement of old ideas.