Image Reflections - 'Cube' / by Ally McGinn


There are multiple contextual elements to this piece, which could explain why there is something missing within it.


Firstly; painting the box. This is a heavy duty box, used to store things in my home studio. Marks of use are ripped into the surface.

Using the same robust floor grey paint that I have been obsessed with for months the box has become a plinth.

Painting with this paint has the effect of preservation (see ‘apples’) the marks are etched more permanently into the surface. Signs of use preserved and highlighted, made more aesthetic through the application of paint.

Placed on the wall, as above, the plinth becomes a shelf. This style of shelf (a box mounted on the wall) has become popular in recent years (this contextual connection is something I've only realised while writing this).

The objects displayed with the box are, a book on aesthetics chosen for it's cover, an offcut from a painting stretcher, a plastic ring it's use complete, a dried lump of gold oil paint, a scrabble tile (letter ‘A’, worth 1 point) and three glass bottles filled with studio dust of varying qualities.

There is something almost childlike about this form of presentation. A diorama of context, almost.

This needs more thought.