Image Reflections - Floor board / by Ally McGinn

The removal and re-placement of a floorboard. Not a work in itself (yet) but an interaction. 

I have been working with space, in the specific sense, for the past two years, attempting to incorporate elements of the space into the definition of the artwork, with varying degrees of success.

This idea is the most literal, and extreme, action to bring the space of creation:display into the work.

The viewer is confronted with a liner insight of the construction of the floor. It is both formal and real, an unstripping that adds visual information to the work.

Responses to this adjustment to my studio have been clear; people recognise that it is bringing the space directly into the work.

This intervention is particular to this space, while it could be replicated (following similar self-imposed instructions) but not copied exactly.

Since the hope and board have appeared they have become part of the studio, part of other works, and a work in it's own right.

More about this in other reflections.