Note/Thought - Getting lost by Ally McGinn

My work is progressing into an area that I'm unsure is entirely clarified, but in a tutorial yesterday with Andrea she affirmed that often we inhabit the area around where we want to be, looking for the way in.

In a lovely coincidence, or through the law of large numbers, this visual metaphor was repeated by Tim Davies (paint technician and artist) yesterday afternoon when talking about his own work.

This is a reminder not to worry about the end result or finding a single piece of context that describes the work. That clarity will come with time, for now, I need to work through the ideas, the final idea and context will be defined through the amalgamation and inspiration of ideas coming out now.

This is similar to the way I research. I send out my interest in areas around, what will be, my core interest. Later that core interest can be fully defined and the information gathered can be applied or amalgamated into an essay or other presented findings.

This is how I worked on my dissertation, which ended up being an extremely enjoyable, if not challenging, task.  In retrospect, it seems to be the only way I can work, although it's hard to see sometimes when inside it - it is an anxious place.