Mopped Up, (2016) Acrylic and oil on cotton, 170x220cm.JPG

The Spill (2015/16)


This project marks an interest in using studio around me to explore a simple and complicated question - ‘what is art?’ Artists leave traces of their process, as life leaves traces of its existence. These traces were the inspiration for these investigations.

In art the ‘thing’ shown is often polished, carefully measured and tailored to achieve a certain response, but that ‘thing’ is not the only creation. Even the neatest artist makes mess and mistakes. These pieces combine aesthetic qualities with mistakes and processes.

This lack of active control and rejection of traditional rules are an indispensable element of my practice at this time.

Working with chance, accident, potentiality and deception, to explore what art is, what it does and why we define it so vehemently. Paint, and art itself, are the subject used to question my own perceptions and those of viewers.

Highlighting unseen and unwanted areas of creative process shows that everything is worthy of attention and by defining it as art its importance is raised.  My practice represents the process of making, and re-presents that process to the viewer.

Showing the physicality and potential of the materials themselves.  Items that would normally be meaningless suddenly have purpose because of their location as art, rather than just part of the process.

I want my work to make the viewer ask questions, so I had to ask them first.