Wallspace (2016/17)



Showcase (2017)


A collective of emerging artists from Bath Spa. A collaborative practical relationship, now in its second year, we organised a showcase of our current work in the gallery at Sion Hill.  

A chance to explore ideas for our upcoming degree show we each had two or three days in the space to test the efficacy of various presentation. The time was invaluable for me, and has allowed me more time to understand my work and how important the form it takes is to understand what it is.

The response to the idea of the showcase, and our work, was very positive, and after another two weeks of hard work the collective are determined to continue working together, post-university.

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Shop and Exhibition (2016)


A collaborative group of five students working together to bring the studio into the public realm, and exhibit the results.

Collaborators - Myself, Anna Kenneally, Ollie Guyon, Scott Ashmore and Nathan Down.

We took over a shop front in Bath for two weeks to run open studios and a pop-up shop. The shop was a chance for the creation and showing of work exploring and dissecting the nature of art, paint and photography. We each have a distinct style we have been working with, and focusing into a considered application of information.