Working surfaces

A series of canvases placed on tabletops and other studio surfaces, these pieces objectify time in the studio. They mark a step further in my disassociation with the work. The canvases are ‘finished’ before I work with them. Functional canvas, nominated as art.

Using objects, or actions, usually seen as incidental and unwanted shows that everything is worthy of attention, when seen in certain ways. Interrupting the narrative of these objects questions the potentiality of art.

By utilizing the useless, the materials begin to exceed, and thereby reject, their definition.

They represent the process of making and re-present that process, to the viewer.

Chance and intention play vital roles in my work. With the added element of chance, the pieces speak more directly to the viewer about themselves and their creation, making my interactions more those of a narrator or director.

To take an object that already exists and use presentation to turn it into something appreciated as art, challenges the viewer to see art in the space around them.

They are intentionally misleading, pretending to be something they are not, but in the act of pretending they become it anyway; Art.

The division of labor and deskilling question the value of these as artworks.

I see them as simultaneously rejecting and celebrating the artists’ ego, and therefore the artist themselves.

It's all a matter of perception and perspective.

My interaction with it is minimal but the visual aesthetics aren't, adding an interesting contradiction in the work, and forming an unintentional narrative.

The titles of these pieces are found on the surface. The beauty found in the pieces is the result of an unknown collaboration, that adds a form of expression that is appreciated whether it is known or not.